Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coming Soon...

As I'm sure most of my loyal blog followers know, I haven't been writing a lot lately despite being quite busy with the competitive season. Frankly, I'm a little bit confused with my horse at the moment and I wanted to wait to write until I figured out quite what my plan of action is and what my schedule was going to be like. So  I think I've made some progress in my plan for him, and I'm ready to start writing again and get you all caught up on where we are right now. 

So coming soon will be posts from:

-King Oak Horse Trials. I was actually pleased with how that event went despite what the scoreboard says. I felt like we took ten steps forward at that event and I was really happy with the "trainable moments" that were presented to me there.

-Kent Horse Trials. This is where I felt we took about 15 steps back. Dressage was good and the rest just wasn't and this is the main reason for my genuine confusion over what goes through my horse's head. He just seems to flip a switch sometimes where he's distracted and unrideable and forgets everything he's ever learned about eventing. 

-Boyd Martin Clinic. And then we went to this clinic at Fitch's Corner and he was incredible. I still feel like we're on top of the world from this clinic. But as happy as I was with how it went, it just added to my extreme confusion over why my horse is amazing at home, at lessons, at off farm clinics, at dressage shows, jumper shows, combined tests, and cross country schoolings but seems to just lose it the second we go to a full event.

So now that I've had some time to evaluate things, and watch videos, and talk with some people, and sit down and form a game plan I'm ready to write about all of this and maybe that will help me out even more. So expect during this next week or so to be bombarded with posts. 

Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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