Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kent Horse Trials Results

At this point I am fairly convinced that the universe really doesn't want me eventing. There is not much to tell about Kent today, as it downpoured on and off the entire way up and when I arrived they had cancelled cross country for Novice and Beginner Novice because the footing was so wet. 

So, that was disappointing but no big deal, I decided we'd just do the combined test and it would be good to be judged and jump a low pressure stadium round. I got on for dressage and made the muddy trek to warmup to find that the warmup was coated with about 6 inches of mud and Ben was up to his fetlocks in it. The actual dressage arenas were not much better. I wouldn't dream of trotting or cantering in that so I made the even more disappointing decision to scratch. I was in good company as at least half the people there scratched as well. The footing was just too mucky and slippery and it simply isn't worth it. 

In addition, they were taking a break to move the stadium fences a few feet to the sides because they takeoff spots were so mucky and deep. As we were leaving, a horse went sliding into a stadium fence. So while it was quite frustrating to drive two hours, sit on my horse for five minutes, and then drive two hours home, I am happy with my decision to scratch. 

So I'm just transporting my goals to Course Brook next weekend where I can only hope the weather decides to cooperate a little more!