Monday, May 13, 2013

Frazier Farm Combined Test Results

Ah, I'm being a slacker again!

A quick catch-up: we unfortunately did not get a chance to go schooling again because the ground was still too wet, I'm going to write about the combined test from May 5th in this post, and we went to King Oak yesterday and there will be a post about that as soon as my videos are on YouTube.

So Frazier was the last combined test we attended before the first full event of the season and we competed in the Training division again. Dressage was pretty good, his trot work is really coming along, and he scored a 36 which I was pretty pleased with. The canter work in the Training A test is a bit of a struggle for him but I think with some effort he should be a lot better about it by the time we move back up to Training level events at the end of June. 

Here's the test: 

Stadium was in one of the xc fields which was nice because it gave us a wide, open space feel. There was even a couple of xc fences on our course which was a nice thing in preparation for the first full event the following weekend. He was quite strong but still jumped around clean and we finished in second place. Not only that, he was the only horse in the division to jump clean so go Ben!

Here's our round:

I will have a much more detailed report about King Oak within a few days. I just got a new computer so I'm juggling video editing software and picture/video files between the new and the old so I'm trying to work everything out! As always, thanks for reading, I should be back on track shortly!

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