Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland?

Snow in October? Really? I just think the eventing gods hate me. They cancelled the event I was supposed to go to this past weekend because there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. A very good call on their part and we're even getting a partial refund but still very disappointing as that's it for the eventing for the year. Although I am seriously considering begging my mom to drive me to King Oak this weekend for their hunter pace... I just have to round up someone to come with me!

And there's always the jumper shows to look forward to! After I finish writing this I am going to update the Eventing Schedule for the (extremely!) tentative plan for next year. Okay it's probably not even tentative, it's probably my dream world! But, I figure as long as I am accepting of the fact that things will change, I think it's okay to dream a little big! I'm also going to add another page with our winter schedule so if anyone is interested in that you can take a peek.

Ben has been loving the snow, goofing off with his turnout buddy. We rode in the snow yesterday and he was really good! I'm keeping a big eye on his frogs though as they are starting to get very squishy. Yuck! No thrush sightings but with the wet and the cold, I've got the Venice Turpentine at the ready and my endless amounts of towels to dry his legs, heels, and feet whenever he comes in from outside. I've been going later to the barn so that when I come in from riding, I can dry him off and treat his hooves and then put him right into his stall. They're getting about 8 or 9 hours of turnout a day now although the fields are getting really muddy with the melting snow so we may need to cut that back a bit.

When I was riding yesterday I was thinking how nice it was to ride without any pressure from upcoming shows or anything. As much as I miss competing in the off season, it is definitely kind of enjoyable. That certainly doesn't stop me from dreaming about renting a house in Ocala and staying there until April, but it helps the off season feel a little less depressing, knowing that there isn't any pressure.

I also jumped Ben 3'3" the other day for the first time in a while and he was a superstar. Oh, and that ditch simulation: I still can't fool him. I certainly fooled my friends mare, but Ben? No way. He's too smart for his own good...

I'm off to make plans that never come true in the horse world!

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