Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where Did This Dressage Horse Come From?

I had such a fabulous dressage lesson today!

Ben was just so on, so good, was so soft, light and relaxed, and was just listening so nicely. What a nice feeling. We worked a lot on our canter/walk/canters that we've been struggling with a bit and we pretty much mastered them today. We worked on schooling a lot of haunches-in. He's 100% confirmed in shoulder-in, about 65% confirmed haunches-in, and about 20% confirmed with renvers... We're going to work on the renvers more when he's totally confirmed haunches-in. We also did a lot of turn on the haunches work which has improved drastically. Not only does he actually get what I'm asking now, he does it too! What a concept...

We will be schooling a lot of counter canter through the end of fall because we're going to start schooling his changes this winter. He's got auto changes when we jump so I know they're there so it should be pretty easy to teach him eventually. 

I'm hoping that I will eventually be able to use all those fancy things in warm-up at shows to get him to chill out and focus on his work. That is definitely going to be a big goal for next year: relaxation at shows.

Also, while I did not manage to convince my mom to drive to King Oak for the hunter pace this weekend, I did manage to get her to drive to Ayer Mountain Farm for their hunter pace. A friend of mine and her new horse will be joining us this Sunday. I'm super excited because I've actually never done a hunter pace before. Crazy, right? I'm sure it will be super fun! We're doing the Hilltoppers division and we're just aiming on having a good time and playing around and enjoying our last outing for the year.

We ended our dressage lesson today with a short hack around the paddocks. It was such a beautiful day and such an awesome lesson. I really wish I had it on video but I had no one to video for me today! If I can remember, I may be able to beg someone to video for me tomorrow. 

Saturday we have a jump lesson and then Sunday we're off to the hunter pace!

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