Monday, July 25, 2011

CDCTA Results

Man, when we do something, we do it right!

As I'm sure you all remember, my goal for the last three shows has been to get a dressage score in the thirties. I'm sure you also know that has not happened for us.

Well, it sure did this weekend!

We did Novice Test B which went okay. I did this because it is the Novice test that we have the most trouble with and I wanted to practice it and get feedback on it in a low stress environment. It was certainly the best test thus far but he was rushy which led to some unbalanced moments. His canter transitions, both up and down, are improving alot. We had one bobble in this test where our trot transition was really late, so our walk transition was really late and those two movements scored us a 5 and a 4, respectively. Of course we still managed to pull off a 39, so I was thrilled! I didn't think things could get much better...

Then we did Training Test A, mostly just for fun because I was sick of doing the same two Novice tests at every show. We went in the ring and totally rocked it! It felt so awesome. There were certainly things that could've been better. Our trot lengthenings were not as spectacular as they could be, we never really came back from our canter lengthening, our stretchy circle can be a lot more consistent, and our last canter trot transistion was kind of yucky, but there were so many good things about it that it was just fantabulous!

So I go to check scores, thinking I probably got between a 38 and 41, because the Training judging is obviously going to be tougher than Novice. We got a 33. Yes, a 33. I really could not believe it and I was so incredibly proud of my horse. On top of that, we got two blue ribbons! Okay, okay, I was the only one in Training A and it was only me and a friend in Novice B and she got a 40 and I got a 39, plus it was her horse's first show ever but still... TWO BLUE RIBBONS!!! (How's that for run-on sentence of the year?)

It was definitely a much needed pick-me-up after what happened at ENYDCTA and I'm excited for Frazier, our next event, because it is a low key event, and a really easy going course.

In other exciting news, we are moving to our new barn on September 1st! I think I told you all about it, at least I hope I did! This is a link to a video of it that we made to send to a friend and her mom when we were looking at it because they were on vacation. My mom is narrating...excuse her:

The barn is brand new and just so beautiful. I can't wait to move! I'm going to go back and check and make sure I told you all about it, because if I didn't, I'm going to need a whole post to tell you everything there is to know!

Ben is getting the day off today for being so spectacular and tomorrow I think we're going to do a jump school since he hasn't jumped since ENYDCTA. I shall let you all know how that goes tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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