Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update on the Goober

Well, first off, I wasn't supposed to go to the barn until like 6 o'clock tonight. But I got a phone call from one of the boarders. The horses were outside and it was downpouring. She had brought all of the other horses in but Ben would not let her catch him. She had been trying for at least a half hour.

So up I went to the barn, just to bring my soaking wet horse in. He had been running around in the slippery mud and made himself even lamer. Wonderful. He had a very tiny amount of heat in the leg too. When I go back to the barn, he's getting hosed for 20 minutes, and if there's any heat left in the leg, he's getting poulticed. I'll give him a gram of bute at night and a gram in the morning and he'll stay inside all day tomorrow. If that doesn't help, I'll start to worry even more. Especially since ENYDCTA is less than three weeks away...

Silly horse.

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