Monday, August 20, 2012

A Speedy Update

* This post is from last week, I was unaware that it never posted, sorry about that! *

So this update is going to be amazingly fast because its late and I have to get up early for a lesson tomorrow morning. However, I thought you all deserved an update because I have been absent lately.

I have been battling a subtle mystery lameness with Ben for the past week and half but it finally seems to have disappeared so Lord Creek for next weekend is on as of now. Which makes me really happy because I thought I wasn't going to get to go for the second year in a row because last year Ben bent his shoe the morning OF the horse trial. Horses...

Lameness was as subtle as it could possibly be without being sound. He would take some off steps and then some sound steps and the ratio of sound to unsound steps varied daily. He was better with bute so I gave him some for a couple of days and then gave him some time off and so far, so good.  I have no idea what it was. He is still being a little "careful" with it, which makes me slightly uneasy, but there is no doubt that he is 100% sound, so I'm not sure what is making me feel that way. His stride just isn't as big as it usually is but then again, he had lots of time to lounge around on his own and get on his forehand. When I get serious about bringing him into an uphill frame he feels perfectly normal so I'm thinking that he's just being hard on his legs and being unbalanced when he's traveling on his forehand like that.

I shall see what my trainer thinks about all of this tomorrow morning.

As far as the eventing schedule for after Lord Creek, that is all up in the air at the moment because there are a whole mess of events in September and October and I have to choose between them all. There are lots of factors such as price, recognized vs. unrecognized, level of difficulty, and how hard the ground will be if we continue to get no rain, among other things. So I'm trying to figure the fall out so I can create a more concrete leg up for the fall season because we've been taking it easy for the most part this summer.

I will hopefully find a minute to write a bit before Lord Creek and I will definitely be around after that to share results.

As always, thank you for reading!

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