Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sailing On

I thought now might be a good time to catch everybody up on all of the current happenings.

I had the vet out for Ben's odd back bumps. She said not to worry about them and to just let them go away on their own. They are still sensitive but I've been riding for a couple weeks with them now and he doesn't seem to be bothered even a little bit.

We did not end up going schooling because of the bumps but we will hopefully get to go Monday or Tuesday. We should know by tomorrow if we'll be able to go or not. If we don't get to go, we'll just have to wing the ditch thing, which is not ideal but I really don't think the ditch at Riga Meadow is going to be an issue.

Ben tossed a shoe a week before the farrier was supposed to come and I still haven't found it in the field, which worries me because Ben will eventually find it, probably by injuring himself on it. But we got a new shoe put on the next day and so far, so good.

I hadn't realized how close Riga Meadow was until today. Its a week from tomorrow! I'm pretty excited because our last event went so well and I'm itching to get back out and jump some real Novice sized cross country fences. I actually miss walking cross country and thinking that some of the fences are huge. It makes it feel like an even bigger accomplishment when you fly over them without a problem. I'm also a tad nervous just because its our first time back at recognized Novice.

After this, we're headed to Apple Knoll on July 29th to give their Novice course another go. Last year I got my butt dumped at the tiniest of all ditches because I looked straight at it. So we're going to go and redeem ourselves this time!

So those are the tentative plans for the rest of July. As always, thanks for reading, I'm sure I'll be around this week as we prep for Riga and I'll especially be around if we get to go schooling!

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