Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben turned 10 today!

I tried to give him a cupcake but he's always hated people food, so it ended up spat onto the ground. He was far happier with the carrots!

I then gave him an awesome groom, he was so shiny and soft, only to turn him back out and have him immediately roll... Ehh, its his birthday, he can do what he wants today :-)

He got the day off, partly because its his birthday, but mainly because he has been SUCH a superstar the past few days. His dressage work is coming along so nicely and I am so incredibly excited for show season to start. We're going cross country schooling at Lord Creek Farm on April 10th and then we have the combined test on the 14th. We're off to Rolex (my first time ever!) on the 26th and then the first event of the year is on May 12th! The early spring is definitely a busy time of year!

In honor of Ben's birthday, I thought I would share some old pictures from when we first bought him:

A lesson early on in our training. This is how he went around all of the time, we've come a LONG way!
Sunbathing out in his paddock.
A clinic at Lord Creek, our very first off property outing together. Also where I discovered I had bought  a bit of a psycho horse!
Dressage warm-up at his very first show, a combined test at Mystic Valley Hunt Club.
Before heading out on cross country at his very first event, where we placed 3rd after finishing on our dressage score!

The first day of our trial period, look at the size of his neck!

So that was a bit of a walk down memory lane. Its awesome to be able to look back and see how far we have come. I'll be around with updates and hopefully videos. As always, thanks for reading, you guys are the best!

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