Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're Famous!

Err...maybe its more like infamous...

Check Ben and I out on Eventing Nation!

I sent this to them a couple of weeks ago after rewatching the video and deciding it would make a lot of people laugh. So while it may not be for the best reason in the world, its pretty cool to see Ben and I on a site where most eventers go every day.

I don't have time for a proper post, but I promise one is coming!

Thanks for bearing with me when I don't always have time to write!


  1. Aww Jamie that stinks but it looked graceful at least! I am such a newbie at eventing (well I haven't even evented before LOL) but when your horse runs off, I'm guessing someone is usually able to catch him or her right?

    1. LOL Thank you! You will love eventing as soon as you start. The minute you leave the start box on cross country you'll be hooked! Most of the time, when horses dump and run, they run either back to their trailer or their stall if you are stabling on the property. Often, people will try to stop them on their way, but Ben doesn't stop for anyone haha. In this case, he went to the farm's barn to make friends with their horses LOL. He dumped me one other time at King Oak (also at a ditch...) and he ran back to his temporary stall.