Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick Post

Hey there! I don't have too much writing time today but I thought I'd give a little update and videos because we went to another jumper show this past Sunday. Ben was an absolute star again, went double clean in all three classes and yet again brought home all three blues and the division champion ribbon.

Ben just wanted to know if he could eat them :-)

My friend Kathryn and her mare, Lilly, did very well too, placing third in both of their classes. Very fun day!

And now for the videos:

Round 1:

Round 2 (Power and Speed):

And last but not least, the third round:

Unfortunately I never did get a video of his changes the other day. Maybe next time I school them. In other frustrating news, Ben's dressage saddle no longer fits him. He's built up too much muscle in his shoulders (okay so not really a bad thing at all, but its making his saddle not fit!) and that has caused my weight to sit too far back because the saddle is downhill. That presses my weight right into the sensitive part of his back which totally explains the crankiness I talked about earlier. So we're riding in the jump saddle until I figure out what to do about this situation. A lollipop/keyhole pad is the obvious choice but I hate those. They rip, get dirty, slip out of place, the list is endless. I'm looking for an alternative to the keyhole that will raise only the cantle of the saddle, but will also look nice when he has it on. If anyone had ideas about that, please drop me a comment below.

Thanks for reading!