Friday, May 6, 2011


Apparently I'm a bad blogger...
Sorry guys, I've just been so busy and really just forgot about the blog!

I will continue to attempt to upload the videos from the combined test on the other post. Maybe if I upload them to YouTube first it will work better. I'll give that a try and hopefully they'll be up on the other post by later on today.

While not much has happened in the riding part of my horse life, we did get some bad news from our barn owner a couple of weeks ago...
In November, she is closing the barn so we have to find a new place to go. At least she gave us 6 months notice, which is very generous!

So we have been barn shopping quite a lot. On another fun and exciting note, I am going to look at puppies tomorrow! I have my heart set on getting a Jack Russell Terrier so I am going to look at a litter of puppies that just turned 8 weeks old.

So lots of exciting things! My birthday is in 6 days, I'm turning 16 so I can finally drive! For my birthday, my parents are taking me down to the Jersey Fresh Three-Day Event. We're going down on Friday and we'll be there for XC day on Saturday and show jumping on Sunday. I'm really excited about that!

Ben and I have been prepping for our first event of the season which is the Mystic Valley Hunt Club Horse Trials on May 28th. It's a really nice, low key event even though it is recognized, with nice open, flowy courses that are good for galloping and going forward. A really nice season opener. They never really have any combinations either and only a few of the fences are maximum height/width. I think if I had to pick the hardest things on the course they would be:
-The ditch only because Ben is slightly ditchy when he feels like it and the ditch is set basically in the middle of a field and you have just come off a log that you jump downhill so you are kind of rolling along. The ditch just seems to pop out of nowhere!
-The water. The actual water is not flagged which is nice because Ben is not a huge fan of it! The water is in the woods and you gallop into the woods and jump a beefy hanging log, turn a sharp corner, go through the water, go out and up a slope two strides to another log. It's a really fun combination but it is one of the harder things on the course
-The last fence. While this fence is really fun, it does not make for a good final fence. It is a decent size hanging log with a dip in it that makes the jumpable part really narrow if that makes any sense. It is also a drop fence that lands you from the grass cross country course into a sand ring where the finish line is. It is also where people are warming up just one ring over. It is actually a really looky fence, especially for the last one on the course.

Other than those few things, the course is pretty easy and those things actually end up riding pretty well. Dressage and warm-up is on sand which is always nice! Stadium is usually on their grass field but is not this year because of the late winter we had its going to be on sand. No complaints from me!

So that is everything that is going on right now. I promise I am going to try to be better about posting!
Thanks for reading!

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